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Arabic, the language belonging to the Afro-Asiatic

University Arabic can study study abroad learning environment Arabic is a language belonging to the Afro-Asiatic, it is a different language of the system with Japanese with English. The relatives of the language, the Old Testament in and the famous Hebrew Bible, and Akkadian of cuneiform. Is a distant relative also the ancient Egyptian language hieroglyphs. Countries that the official language of the Arabic will reach twenty several countries. (First language is = Arabic people) Arabs are talking about the dialect usually, dialects vary from country to country and region. However, in Arabic Fusuha they study in school (regular language), you can use when writing or when statements that speak in formal place. Manabu department Arabic This course is Fusuha. When you study the Fusuha, not only as it was written it can be read in Arabic, if Arabs who received school education, which both the country of the person you will be able to communicate. It must start by remembering the Arabic first character, because grammar is fine, hurdle might be high language for the beginners.

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